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This is where women above the age of 23years meet to share fellowship, address pertinent issues and build bonds of unity and love. Headed by devoted and mature women of God, the women ministries offers a platform for prayers, discovering of talents , Gifts and callings, and shaping vision. Women are encouraged and given the opportunity to participate in programs and activities of the movement. They meet biweekly on Saturdays from 4 - 6pm.


Emphasis is made on men taking their Godly role as foundational stones in the church, family and the community. Through prayers, teaching and one on one ministration, they are equip with the truth of the Gospel and how to impact lives with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and their character. Holiness, Love among members and unity in the body of Christ is the pillar around which activities are carried out. Members are encourage to study the word of God and share it in their homes.


The music department made up selfless and committed people, they lead the church in worship, Praises and song ministration to God. Worship, a vital part of our service, is what ushers us into the presence of God. Members in the music department are encourage to live a Holy life and give their lives as vessels of instruments in the hands of God.


This is the Prayer wing of the church, it composes of men and women who have a heart for prayer. They meet weekly, intercedes and pray for the church, the nation and the body of Christ. As ears and eyes for the church concerning Spiritual issues, they dedicate their time in fasting and prayers, seeking God direction for our life.


This is a platform for our teenagers to express their challenges with their peers and clear any confusions in their mind. Headed by a dynamic leader under the supervision of the pastor, a lots of care, time and attention is given to this ministries to reemphasis the teachings from Sunday school. Opportunities are created for them to express what they fell, ask questions they do not understand. The leader has created a very strong bond with the members to allow them ask question they may not ask in their homes or school. In addition to teaching the word of God, Seminars, trips and lot of fun games are organized for them to enjoy their lives as teenagers.


The drama group is made up of talented men and women

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